1949 Cadillac Coupe deVille

1949 Cadillac Wheel

1970’s Stereo System

2 Girls Raising Hands

2 Whales doing Flips

A boat in fog

3 Silhouettes

50’s Era Sign

60’s Appliances

A boat in fog

A Cat Named Something

A Cruise Ship

A Didgeridoo Player

A Happy Baby at Bath Time

A Happy Boy

A Man and his Guitar

A Messy Room

A Phone Booth

A Shayna Punim


Actor’s Body Shot

Actor’s Head Shot

Actor’s Head Shot 2

AFAT – ASOH Famous Group Shot

African Heritage Week

Air Show 3

Air Force 4

Air Show 1

Air Show 10

Air Show 11

Air Show 12

Air Show 13

Air Show 14

Air Show 15

Air Show 16 – Blue Angels

Air Show 17 – Finale

Air Show 18

Air Show 19

Air Show 2

Air Show 20

Air Show 21

Air Show 22

Air Show 5

Air Show 6

Air Show 7

Air Show 8

Air Show 9

Aircraft Carrier

Aircraft Carrier Control Tower

Airline Food

Airline Toilet

Airplane Director

Airplane Nose

Airplane Tails

Airplane Wing

Airport Lobby


American Flag Pattern

American Flag Waving

Anaheim Convention Center

Apple Snail Eggs

Arkansas Waterfall

Audience AFAT (from front)

Audience Suisse (outdoors)

Audio control room

Audio Engineering Component Rack


Autumn Forest Trees

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves on Grey Wood

Autumn tree

Baby taking a bath

Baker – Gateway to Death Valley


Balloon and Red Leaves different crop


Bank of Verizon Payphones

Baoting Train

Barbed Wire

Baseball Stadium Vendor

Basin Park Hotel

Basketball Hoop

Bathroom Signs

Batphone and Shakespeare Bust

Beijing Taxi Driver Certificate

Birds in Flight

Bluetooth headset

Blurred Runner

Bob’s Big Boy Icon


Boston Street at Night

Boy with Orange Shirt Studying

Brick Building

Bronze Sculpture

Buying Tickets

Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters


Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods in Arkansas


Cadillac Garage

Cadillac Garage

Cadillac Logo 1

Cadlac Logo 2

California Bungalow

California Highway Patrol Car Logo

Camera Obscura building exterior

Camera Obscura building exterior

Canoe on Ocean

Cantor’s interior

Car Hood Abstract

Carbide and Carbon building

Care Giver and Old Man

Cars in Junkyard

Carson Piere Scott Building

Cash Register

Cat Fancy magazine cover

Cat in Dryer

Cat in red chair

Cat on a Window Sill

Cat on the Bed

Cat’s Eye

Chemo center hospital

Cherry Blossoms 1

Cherry Blossoms 2

Cherry Blossoms and bee

Chicago “El” Elevated Train

Chicago Hot Dog 2

Chicken Dinners Sign

Child Eating Dumplings

Child Genius

Chinese Buildings

Chinese electrical outlet

Chopped Lettuce

Chopping Celery

Chopping Chicken

Chopping Cilantro

Chopping Nuts

Church and Office Building


Cincinati Reds Game Audience Blur

Classic Mustang Interior

Clock under Glass Ceiling

Close-up of Pink Flower



Clouds 2

Clouds and Blue Sky

Colorful Door on Purple Wall

Communications Tower

Communications Tower 2

Construction Worker on Stilts

Contemplation on a Bench Grass Background

Convalescent Home

Crane and Building

Crate and Barrel and Blue Sky

Crocker Bank Building

Crops with White Dust

Crosswalk Button

Crowded Beach

Crowded Beach 2

Cutting Celery

Cutting Green Onions

Cutting with Sparks


Dame Edna and Ice Cream

Dark hallway

Dark hallway

Deli To Go Orders

Dinosaur eating seaweed

Disneyland Castle 60th Anniversary

Do Not Enter and One Way Signs

Dock at Dawn


Dolphin Close-up

Downtown Fisheye 4

Downtown Geneva


Duck Butt

Duke Kahanamoku statue

Duke’s Restaurant Sign

Easter M and Ms

Electronic Prototyping

Elephant’s Rear End

Empty Auditorium

Empty Theatre

English (Red) Phone Booth

Escalator Inner Workings


Established Before You Were Born

Everyone’s a Fan

Factory Workers

Fall Colors

Fall Leaves

Fallen Tree

Family Dinner Table

Faneuil Hall interior


Father and Daughter Studying

Father Joseph and the Amazing Green Dreamcoat

Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel at Sunset (Horizontal)

Field of Flowers

Field of Flowers 2

Field of Wildflowers

Fireplace in Office

Fish Market

Flower with Bee

Foliage through 4-pane window

Ford Dealership

Ford F-150 Climbing

Ford F-150 Climbing 2

Ford F-150 Front

Ford F-150 Magazine Cover

Forest for the Trees

Fork in Road

Freeway Entrance 1

Freeway Entrance 2

Fringes – Stress patterns in Plastic

Fun at the Beach

Gas Price Sign – $1.69 per Gallon

Generation caregiver 2

Girl asleep reading

Girl on Phone

Glass and Bottle

Glass Blowing Furnace

Go Bears – Chicago Skyline during Super Bowl

Gondola Driver at Sunset

Grain Storage Elevator (vertical)

Grain Storage Elevator and Silo

Graveyard and Palm

Green Leaf

Green Monkey

Green Onions in the Kitchen

Grey Day

Grosse Point Light Station

Grosse Pointe Light Station

Guard Tower

Guard Tower 2

Gym – PICT0097

Gym – PICT0127

Gym – PICT0136

Gym – PICT0151

Gym – PICT0157

Gym – PICT0167

Gym – PICT0231

Gym 1

Gym 2

Hair Highlight Foil

Haircut 1

Haircut Shampoo

Happy Boy in Yellow Shirt

Hat Box Ghost

Hat Embroidery Machines

Hollywood Sign and Transmitter Tower at Night

House with Flags

Huntington Beach Pier

Huntington Beach Pier

Huntington Beach Pier 2

Icicle 1

Icicles 2

In and Out Menu

Indian-looking Synagogue

Interactive Dolphin Exhibit

Irish Dance Competition

Iron Gate 2

Jack in the Box Sign

Jesus statue at Church of the Ozarks

JPL Data Center 3

Kenni the Bodybuilder 4

Koyyanisquatsi 2

Las Vegas – Janitor and Mop

Leaf Bug

Lifecycle Display

Lifeguard Booth at Beach

Lineup of Mustangs

Lizard in Tree

Logic Made Easy

Long Beach Office Buildings 1

Long Hallway

Long Hallway in Malaysia

Looking at test tube

Love Life Corduroy Shorts

Main Street Electrical Parade

Main Street Electrical Parade Floats

Making Music on the Front Porch

Man on a Treadmill

Man with Pants Down

Mausoleum 2

Max Kaminsky

Meat Market



Merry Go Round Horses

Messy Room 2

Metrolink Train

Michigan Ave Zoom Horizontal

Michigan Street at Night

Michigan Street at night (Zoom)

Mission Control

Mission Control NASA

Mixing Board

Mixing Board with Hand

Modern Art

Modern Playground Equipment

Modern Playground Equipment (vertical)

Monarch Butterfly Horizontal

Morocco Post

Mosquito Bites

Mother and Newborn

Mother and Son Portrait

Mouse on Cat

NASA Data Center

National Geographic Magazines

NBC Building

Neck and Nails

Negro Creek Sign

New England Apartments

New York Blur Shot

Nighttime Scene at Sea World

No to Windfarms!

Non Gallery Image

Oil Fields

Oil Pumps

Oil Pumps

Oil Rig Drilling Platform Silhouette

Oil Rig Drilling Platform Silhouette

Old Cafe Diner

Old City Hall Boston 1

Old City Hall Boston 2

Old Computer – Univac 1219

Old Ford Truck

Ominous Clouds

Opryland Hotel Interior

Orange Flowers darkened

Outside the Great Wall

Outside the Great Wall 2

Outside the Great Wall 2

Pacific Park Sign

Pacific Telephone Building

Palm Trees

Palm Trees and Sky Horizontal

Palm Trees and Sky Vertical

Palm Trees at Sunset – Horizontal

Palm Trees at Sunset – Vertical

Parrot Tropical Pattern

Path in the Forest


Peacock 1

Peacock 2

Peacock 3

Peacock 6 yellow background

Peacock Head 5

Peds Bikes


People on the Beach

Perm and Highlight

Philco Television

Pier Plaza Huntington Beach

Pilot and Small Plane Cockpit

Pink Purses

Playground Equipment

Playing Guitar on Couch

Polar Bears Playing

Policeman pointing a gun

Portrait by Candelight

Post Office Building

Post Office Building

Postal Worker

Potty Training

Power Plant (Horizontal)

Power Plant (Vertical)

Power Pole at Sunset (vertical)

Power Poles at Sunset

Preparing Chicken

Proud woman in the kitchen

Purple and Yellow Flowers

Purple Car Hood and Cable Lock

Purple Flower on Yellow Hillside

Quarry Processing Plant

Quarry Processing Plant 2

Queen Mary Establishing Shot

Racing Engine

Rainbow and streetlight horizontal

Rainbow and Streetlight Vertical

Rainbow and Trees (Vertical)

Rainbow and Trees Horizontal

Rainbow bricks

RCMP Policeman in front of car

Recording Booth

Red Grain Storage Elevator

Red Rose

Red Stadium Seats

Red Tongue

Red Yellow flowers darkened

Relaxing on the beach

Rescue Lifeguard

Road at Night

Rock ‘n Roll Tennis Shoes

Ruby’s Surf City Diner Sign

Rusty Cadillac


Santa Fe Architectural Feature Horizontal

Santa Fe Architectural Feature Vertical

Santa Monica Pier Sign

Saturn V Rocket

Saturn V Rocket Engines

Saturn V Rocket in Museum

Saturn V Stage 3 Rocket Engine

Saturn V Stage 3 Rocket Engine

Scuba Diver and Fish

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Sea World

Seal Closeup

Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick 2


Shamu 1

Shock and Dismay


Skateboard Kid Red Shirt

Skater Girl and Shadow 2

Skater Girl and Shadows 1


Smiling in the Kitchen


Snow at Crosswalk 1

Snow at Crosswalk 2

Solar Energy Plant 1

Solar Energy Plant 2

Solar Energy Plant 3

Sony RX100 VI

Sony Zeiss 55mm f/1.8 Product Shot

Space Needle at dusk

Space Shuttle and Coast highway sign

Space Shuttle on Display

Spaghetti O’s alphabet soup


Sparks Abstract

Spider and Web

Spying with a scope

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Stand-Up Comic 2

Standup Comic


Statue of Duke Kahanamoku

Stop Fall Colors

Stop sign

Strawberries fresh from the field

Student using Laptop

Studio Control Room

Subway riders

Subway tunnel

Sunbeam Mixmaster instruction booklet

Sunflower (vertical)

Sunset at University Village Apartments II

Sunset from airplane vertical

Sunset in Nevada

Sunset on the Horizon

Sunset with Liz Hat

Supermoon Eclipse composite

Surfer Statue

Surfer Statue 1

Surfer Statue 2


Taj Mahal Postcard

Teenager in Room

Teenager in Room 2

Teenager on bed texting

Teenager on bed texting 2

Teenager playing Guitar

Telephone Pole Sunset

Tennis Shoes

Texting while Driving

The Crowded Beach at Summer

The El

The Moon

The Wall – 2 men praying

Tikki Room Birds

Toenail Fungus

Top of Ferris Wheel

Tourists taking in a View

Toys Toys Toys

Tractor on Crops

Traffic Signal

Trapeze Artist Training

Tribune Building

Two Palms and a Shack

Unbloomed flower and green background

Unhappy Baby at Feeding Time

Unicorn 1

Union Station Sign and Palm Trees

United Concourse in Chicago

Vacation Homes

Verizon Payphone

Voice of God Sunset

Washing Vegetables

Waterfall (slow shutter)

Waterford Crystal Artisan


Welder Portrait


White Flowers

White post with peeling paint


Windmills – Older design

Windmills and Power Pole

Windmills and Power Pole (Vertical)

Windmills Reverse Direction



Winter Artwork

Woman cooking chicken

Woman Cooking in Kitchen

Woman in Kitchen 3

Woman in Wheelchair

Wooden Beach Stairway

Wooden Beach Walkway

Wooden Walkway


Wrigley Building

Write this 100 times

Yao Ming Pepsi Cans

Corn on the Cobb