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Finally, an easy-to-understand manual that is a match for the cameras they describe!

Gary Friedman’s book on the Konica Minolta 5D and 7D digital cameras provides a complete instruction manual which explains each feature in plain English and provides hundreds of visual examples as well.

In this 340-page full-color book you’ll learn: 

  • What every mode, knob, and button do – in plain, easy-to-understand text.
  • The secrets of taking outstanding photos.
  • All about Konica Minolta’s Wireless Flash – a Minolta invention!
  • The most common digital “jargon” and what it all means to you.
  • An introduction to the Dimage Viewer imaging software that comes with your camera.

Get the most out of your investment – Learn about the wonders of digital imaging and improve your photography at the same time!


You can see sample pages and a complete Table of Contents before you buy.  

This e-Book is available in TWO different formats:

1)  As an instantly-downloadable .pdf file – over 300 pages of information, knowledge, and wisdom for ONLY USD $19.95!!!  Order and download your own copy now!  

2) For those of you who prefer to hold the things you read, this book is also available as a printed and bound book that will be sent right to your door.  It’s available in both color and Black-and-White.  The color version is a little more expensive than your typical book, but as some readers have reported, significantly cheaper than printing the .pdf file on your inkjet printer!  Click here to purchase your printed copy in Color or Black and White from! 

What others are saying about Gary’s e-books:

“This book by Gary Friedman is a ‘must have’ manual for both the 7D & 5D, Konica Minolta Maxxum SLR systems.  […]  This book knocked my socks off, it travels with the camera…period.  It’s a ‘keeper’.”  Uvey from

“Thanks for a great book! It is the most complete reference I have found on the 7D. It puts the Magic Lantern guide to shame both in its coverage of the camera and of photographic methods.”  – James Handcock

“I couldn’t resist contacting you to express how THOROUGHLY delightful / informative I’m finding your book.  Outstanding! doesn’t begin to cover it, especially given the gentle humor scattered throughout to take the edge off of the technicalities.  I adore it when an author pays attention to, and accommodates, the psychology of the reader.”  – Pam gaines

“Your book was just what the doctor ordered…  Bless you!”  – Jim Harris

“Dear Gary: I am really enjoying your book, it is the best manual on anything I have ever read.  You should do the computer manuals, you are a born teacher and clearly you really know your subject.”   – Ivan Tentchoff

“All this ‘ol gent can say is: WOW!  You make everything so utterly simple, and the form of your writing keeps one totally interested.  I am really excited with what I have already learned about my one-year-old 7D, in just the first several pages of the book!”  – Ed Schwing

“I have read the manual several times, but didn’t understand many of the features. I want you to know that I understand MORE just by reading the first 100 pages of your book than by reading the manual over and over.  Thanks for writing a GREAT guide for this camera!” – Janet DeCristofaro

“I have your super e-book about the 7D and I am highly impressed with the way you explain things.  You, my friend, are awesome with words!”  Allan Mann

“I was a little apprehensive about purchasing this ebook because I didn’t want another “how to” book about photography. But after browsing through the examples of pages on Gary’s website, I took the plunge anyway because I wanted a more comprehensive views on the functions of my 5D. All I have to say is…WHOA… This book is GREAT!  It not only gave me a refresher in some photography techniques, it also captured the true usage of most functions for the 5D/7D. Sure, I could of read the owner’s manual that came with the 5D, but Gary put the technical jargon of the tech manual into language that hit it home for me. I especially like the HINTS: that the author gives throughout the book; such as the program shifts tricks. I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about what their 5D/7D can do.” Steve from

“You won’t be sorry you bought Gary Friedman’s book. It’s full of useful tips and lots of info that doesn’t appear in the KM manual….and his style of writing is brilliant.  Wait until you read Chapter 7 about wireless flash. :)”  – SteveCz from

“You’ve done a darned fine job of explaining the functions of the camera with a pragmatic, user-centric approach, answering the questions we have as new users and budding hobbyists.  You have saved me hours upon HOURS of frustration trying to figure out practical applications for the various functions of the camera!  Your book makes it easy to traverse the learning curve, not only for the KM cameras, but for digital photography in general.  I shudder at the thought of the time I could have saved if I’d simply had your book a few months ago!!” – Brian Soregaroli

“It’s the best KM 7D/5D book money can buy” – Iggy from

“First of all, congratulations on your wonderfully informative book.  I have the 7D model; my friend who has the same camera loaned me his copy of your book.  After only one hour I decided to purchase it.  The amount of information, written in a manner I can really understand, has already made a difference to my photography!”   – Peter Olsen

Just wanted to drop you a few lines and tell you I purchased your e-book this past weekend. I’ve been enjoying reading through it, and want you to know how much I appreciate having such a valuable recourse for the KM 7D and 5D.  […]  Thank you very much for all the hard work and time that has gone into this Minolta Masterpiece!  Love it.  You are a great inspiration for all of us Minolta fans out here!” – Kelly Dazet

“The key thing I want to comment on is simply the style of your writing.  It is so easy to read, very down to earth and conversational- it’s like I am asking you questions and you are telling me the answers.  Doesn’t have that “textbook” flavor so many beginner’s books have.  I especially like the personal touch so many of your topics include- you explain why you are making a particular recommendation based upon your own past experience.”   – David and Diane Drake  (Read more)

“Gary shows his passion for Minolta and his expertise in photography in an elegantly simple fashion without ignoring key details.  Such details are illustrated with rich, full color photographs frequently throughout the book.  7D/5D user who wishes to have a better understanding of this wonderful photographic tool, you have found the book you need.”  -Scott Schappell from the Yahoo Minolta User Group (read more!)

“The book actually managed to make exploring all the camera options and knobs a fun and rewarding experience – and that’s quite an achievement in itself.  Additionally, the visual illustrations of the techniques and the teaching method make it all more engaging and easy to follow.  Definitely worth the money!”  – Silverio F

“As a former teacher I know how hard it is to write something like “The Friendly Manual”.  To do a piece of work like that you have to have the gift.  It’s a significant contribution to the Minolta culture. Many thanks!”  –Sten-Åke Sändh

Gary,  I just wanted to let you know that I received your book yesterday. I haven’t been able to put it down. I am finding that, not only am I learning a lot about the 5D, but also photography in general.  I am, what I would consider to be, an intermediate photographer.  I am so glad that I came across this very helpful and informative addition to the camera itself.  […T]he original instruction manual leaves a lot to be desired and your book answers the questions and erases the frustration.  Thanks for writing it!   –Lou Klinger

“Big thumbs up for Friedman’s book. It covers the basics in a thorough but not boring way and has lots of specific 5D/7D info. Despite being relatively knowledgeable and reading the manual cover to cover, I learned quite a few things from his book.”  – jpr from

“Just bought your 5D/7D book and I must say that it’s impressive. I started learning some things early on in the book and I’m sure I’ll learn a lot more later with some reading and rereading of the material. Again, job well done on the ebook…  – Daniel Hutchinson

“I have just downloaded your Minolta 7D e-book and Wow!  I am really impressed with your lovely book, thank you for writing with enthusiasm and clarity.”  – Tony Fernandez

“I am very impressed with this book on multiple levels: it is remarkably comprehensive, the writing style is accessible and fun, and the numerous photographic examples make learning, understanding and using the features much easier than the camera’s manual. This book covers everything from using the camera, useful background information about digital photography, to how to know which feature to use to get specific results. In addition to all this, Gary gives numerous tips on photography like lighting and composition. I have been an amateur photographer for many years and have been reluctant to move to a digital camera for my artistic photography. Not only does the book teach how to thoroughly use the 5D/7D, but also how to be a better photographer as well. It is so much more than a “how-to” manual!  I believe this book will be of value to novice or experienced photographers. Thank you Gary for all your hard work!” – Michael Varnen

Just read Gary Friedman’s book on the 5D and 7D and want to add my voice to the chorus of voices singing it’s praise.”  -entzbrian from Minolta Yahoo! Groups

“Gary Friedman’s Konica Minolta A1, A2 Step-by-Step Guide [the previous book – Ed.] is brilliant and I can’t recommend it more highly.  Well done Gary, keep ’em coming.”   – Peter Russell (click here for entire review) (opens new window)

Also read an interview article with me by Peter Russell (opens new window)

“So let me just say, now that I have purchased your ebook, in a word, Congratulations! It’s a truly great ‘All things 7D/5D related’ info source.  And although I definitely consider myself a 7D power user, not only has your ebook been a very enjoyable read, but it has also supplied me with some nice ‘nuggets’ of information.  In some cases, just reminders, but since it’s easy to forget those little extra features that the great 7D can still do, that’s a good thing, too. Thanks for the great work.” – Sol Sims

“Thanks so much for all the tips – your books ARE amazing!”  -Paul Johnston-Knight

“I am enjoying your 5D/7D book so very much! I am so impressed how I’m absorbing the information so easily. I find I even have a “photographic memory” (no pun intended!) for many of the pages. I can still see the info in my mind long after I’ve finished reading. I don’t have that response to other books and manuals I read. This tells me you have an incredible gift for writing/teaching in a way that the student will truly absorb the material. I also loved the tips in the “Cookbook” that you e-mailed to us.”  – Mary Flannery

“Just a quick note to say how much I’m enjoying the 5D/7D book. I ordered it from Lulu and it was delivered today in great shape. Worth every penny. Over the years I’ve read a ton of photo books and I have to say yours is the most approachable and filled with the most usable tips and examples.” – Mark Lynch

“I am delighted with the book which is written in a friendly style and the subjects are clearly explained, the explanation of camera functions together with the sample photographs are exactly what I was looking for. I like the way you give tips using your skill and experience as a professional photographer to put your point across.  I am really enjoying this book, this is the best introductory book on the DSLR and especially on the KM 5D / 7D that I have ever seen.  My photography has changed for the better since I applied the principles set out in your book and my photographs do look different”   – Alfred Hopwood

“Thank you so much for writing the wonderful ebook on the Minolta digital camera.  I absolutely needed a book about the camera written with tips and tricks to supplement the camera manual (listing by features).  Your book is extremely well-written.  Although I have only read about 10%, I’ve already used several tips after slapping my forehead.  “Oh, yeah.  Now it makes sense!” 

I never thought I’d find a 3rd-party manual.  Yours is a gem.”  – Duane Moore

“I read and referenced the manual over and over and I *thought* I had a good understanding of all of the 5D’s functions. Well, you changed that.  I downloaded the book last night (well worth the 20 bucks, I might ad), got to about page 220 when I just couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. Finished it today at lunch. Not exactly a murder/mystery/suspense/thriller, but I just couldn’t put it down! […]  I’m confident I’ll be using the book as a reference in the weeks and months ahead.”  Chris Musacchio (read the whole email)

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