I found a recommendation to your book on StevesForums and looked it up at your website. I bought a 5D a few months ago and absolutely love it...but I know I'm not anywhere near my potential with this camera. I read and referenced the manual over and over and I /thought/ I had a good understanding of all of the 5D's functions. Well, you changed that. I downloaded the book last night (well worth the 20 bucks, I might ad), got to about page 220 when I just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. Finished it today at lunch. Not exactly a murder/mystery/suspense/thriller, but I just couldn't put it down! I know so much more about that little 5D! I'm confident I'll be using the book as a reference in the weeks and months ahead.

I particularly enjoyed the chapter on wireless flash. I do not have an external flash right now, but I know I need to get one to take the shots I'd like to do.  Also, I just have to ask your opinion about the Sony deal. Reading your book, one can appreciate your tremendous respect for the Minolta brand and their engineers. I have to say, I'm one to "follow the beat of a different drummer" and wonder about the ingenuity and brand loyalty that Sony will (or won't) bring. Time will tell.

Thanks again for your insight and passion on this subject. I was getting a little discouraged with my results, but I'm excited and confident that now I'll get to the next level.

Chris Musacchio
Harrisburg, NC