Just wanted to tell you that I have read the book through a couple of times and selected sections more than that.  Seems like I discover something additional every time I look at it.  The key thing I want to comment on is simply the style of your writing.  It is so easy to read, very down to earth and conversational- it's like I am asking you questions and you are telling me the answers.  Doesn't have that "textbook" flavor so many beginner's books have.  I especially like the personal touch so many of your topics include- you explain why you are making a particular recommendation based upon your own past experience.  That makes it believable.
I originally bought this ebook because I am a 7D owner, but then I got my wife a 5D for early Christmas and now she is reading it.  We keep a printed copy on the kitchen table and also the .pdf copy on the computer.  We are having great discussions as she works her way into new stuff.  Your book has really helped and also motivated her to learn more and try out what she learns.  Unfortunately, Winter is here with a vengeance and makes outdoor shooting difficult.
For us think the really shining star is the discussion starting on page 177 about histograms.  Finally, I understand it; your example 16-pixel image graphic, its histogram (Figure 5-33) and text that goes with it did the trick.  Thanks!  We both think that your liberal use of images to illustrate discussion items really helps a lot!
I also have the book on the A2 and A200 as I purchased an A2 off eBay some time ago. (Previously had a DiMage 7, then 7Hi which I sold on eBay to help pay for the 7D, but immediately realized my mistake!)
I have recommended your books to our local photo store and several photography nuts I know around here. Thanks for a great job on both books.  I'm wondering: If I were to develop a list of a few 5D/7D questions to try to pin down a few items still a little unclear, would you be willing to respond to them?  Has mostly to do with flash as that seems to be the main stumbling block for us.
David and Diane Drake
Ames, IA