Wireless Flash Article


…of flash positions. Results of using flash in different configurations (all on automatic setting): a) On-camera flash (yuk!) b) Off-camera flash c) Off-camera flash with softening umbrella d) ONE flash

Minolta Maxxum/Dynax 7

…to control more than one off-camera flash you need an IR flash controller (which Minolta doesn’t even make any more.) The wireless flash sample images included in the instruction manual…

Flash for the Fujifilm X system

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…132-page full-color book you’ll learn: · Fujifilm X-platform flash modes; · Fujifilm and third-party flash units; · TTL (automatic) flash; · On-camera flash; · Wireless (off-camera) flash; · Wireless triggers;…

Wireless Flash Lecture

…and worst ways to use your pop-up flash (it’s not always the worst light you can get!) The basics of Wireless Flash A live demonstration of Wireless Flash in use…

Which is better

flash with ambient tungsten light (like in the example in the right, which mixes the whitish-looking daylight-balanced flash with the yellow-looking tungsten-bulb-illuminated background). The problems that occur when mixing flash

History of Minolta

…extensively in my books. Early 1990’s – Minolta introduces Wireless Flash to the world, where the pop-up flash communicates with the off-camera flash using wide and narrow pulses of light….

Wireless Flash Examples

Click on any image for a larger view and for more information. All images on this site are available for licensing. Contact info@FriedmanArchives.com. Cat’s head macro Ice Bar Wedding Sampler…

Sony Alpha 300 and 350

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…superior wireless multi-flash system, optimizing my Sony HVL 56AM and Minolta 3600 HS(D) flashguns without knowing a thing (Chapter 7)! Further your advice made me realize I can deploy my…


…green chair Gary Wedding Photographer Hard Hat Flash Harry Potter Portrait Portraits Portraits Factory Worker An Entrepreneur Eyes Steve Luchsinger Flying in Clouds Portraits Skipper Alan Hale Portraits Chief Iron…

Sony Alpha 700

…funcionamiento del optimizador de rango dinámico (DRO), así como ejemplos de cuando nos será útil (y cuando no). Todos los detalles sobre el funcionamiento de los 8 modos de flash