High-Impact Digital Photography Seminars

– What others are saying –

“We did this seminar 2 years ago — “Wow” is an understatement….. really learned alot and made a new friend – Gary’s wife made sweet treats. Oh, and Gary is a good guy, too!!!!! 😉  Any prospective students — this is a testiment to Gary’s commitment to his craft. He has always taken the time to answer questions and assist Nora and I with questions. We met Gary …thru his classes and he is man of his word, when he says he will be there for you in the future, this is proof positive he means it; he is a true professional in every sense of the word.” – Daniel Devane

“I found Gary’s video course awesome! It is suitable for experienced and beginner alike and teaches how to produce ‘Wow’ photos easily and simply in a unique and entertaining way. As an old manual camera and slide film shooter struggling with the complexities of digital hardware it reset my thinking and cleared my mental fog. The way he explains what the camera can ‘see’ as opposed to what our brains can ‘see’ is really valuable and I have never had it explained so well. Owning the course means I can review it again when I want to. For a beginner it will set them on the road to taking great pictures from the get go. Once I started watching it I was hooked and had to complete the course. What the course gives for a modest $ investment is how a pro-photographers mind works to produce top quality images. Thanks Gary! “  – Michael E

“I wish to say an enormous, giant thank you for the seminar in London. It was exactly what I needed. Obviously I knew already many things, but you related them and made us think, reflect and practise. I am very grateful to you for this enjoyable week-end.” – Jean-Marie Wallet

Thanks for putting together a fantastic seminar. What I learned will certainly change my life in a positive way!” – Janet Lawrence

“Gary is an excellent teacher and made complex topics quite understandable. I feel so empowered now to go out and be a better photographer.” – Buck Weber

“One cannot say enough good things about the focus on Creativity vs. the technical stuff; don’t let anyone try to convince you to change this sequence.” – Tony Reardon

“What you teach in these two days can change an ordinary photographer and turn them into an exceptional photographer” – Rod Shean

“ It was a great weekend. My wife and I had only booked for day 1 (the creative stuff) but I enjoyed it so much I shelled out for the second day. Meanwhile my wife went to Hampton Court Palace and actually put some of the principles into practice! If you like Gary’s style (read his blog and books) it all makes for a most entertaining and informative experience. I would highly recommend to anybody booking yourself a session (or two) if you get the chance.” – Morsleib from this thread on dyxum.com

[Your seminar] is the starting point of my artistic journey with photography. Your willingness to share your knowledge and insights made learning exciting and easy to remember.” – Shu Ching Ng

“I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and would like to thank you for developing it. It’s already making me a better photographer! – George Saadeh

“Great teacher, great experience.” – Al Jones

Gary brings complex ideas to the simplification table and we all feasted to our deepest satisfaction.” – Sherry Hardage

“I appreciated the hands-on style of explaining things. Things that I have been hearing about for the past few years but couldn’t quite grasp became clear. Gary did an excellent job of reaching a very diverse class. Great personal touch!” Terry Fleckney

“You have an unusual set of skills. You are technically proficient and can share that knowledge with others in a way that makes it understandable and easy to put into practice. I will certainly participate in future seminars even if they are not as close to my home.” – George Saadeh

“If you want to learn the ins and outs of photography, this first day is for you. Gary uses his vast knowledge and expertise to break the concepts down to a level that you, as a beginner, can understand and then build upon.” – Kristopher Orr

“The 2nd day is definitely a must if you don’t completely grasp the technical aspects of photography. I found the experience and knowledge base that Gary has is awesome.”  – Grant Forsythe

“Though I have found every seminar I’ve attended to be beneficial, almost all of them spend more time on the technical side of photography and not enough on how to take a good picture. Your emphasis on composition and light is spot on. I find I’m spending quite a bit more time thinking about shots before taking them, and I’m seeing light first. I’ve even found myself thinking, “The light’s great! What can I take a picture of?”” – Joey Burke, Nashville

“Wow! A great weekend and a wonderful way to expand your knowledge of photography. Everyone should take this seminar!” – Susan Knight

“I liked the way the seminar was presented – you are a great speaker. I think everyone who buys a digital camera would benefit from a course like this.”Lorelei Hoffarth

“Gary can explain technical topics in a way that is clear as could be. Thanks!”  – Carmen Cook

“The humor took the pressure away, allowing all “dumb” questions to be comfortably asked.” – Rosemarie Poell

“Gary is a very dynamic speaker. I like his approach! I also like the fact that, if he is not sure about something, he is not afraid to say so.” – Svat Jonas

“Fast-paced, informative, never a dull moment. I learned things I SHOULD have known but didn’t; learned things I never knew existed. Great time!” – Bob Hrodey

“You gotta attend!” – Bob Siner

“Gary is a walking encyclopedia but will always pull things back to a pragmatic and useable level. Great balance between tech and creativity!” – Fritz Schuele

“Gary’s seminar hit the mark!! At the end of the 2-day seminar, I left feeling I learned more than I anticipated I would. The time spent was invaluable.” – Kevin Stanbus

“Fabulous way to spend a weekend! Amazing combination of depth and breadth.” – Allan Hunt

“Thank you for a very enjoyable weekend! I have a better grasp of what I have been stumbling my way through for years.” – Esther Chan

“Best seminar I have ever taken. – THANK YOU!!!”  – Joseph R. Conklin

“The 2 day course was awesome. Even the stuff which I thought I understood I learnt more about. And some of my preconceptions about what would really be useful for me were shattered (yes, I really do need an off camera flash, and maybe more than one…). And I loved Gary’s emphasis on creativity alongside contempt for the “art crowd”. […]  Perhaps the best endorsement I can give is that if Gary is back in London, my money will be down for ANY addition material he is covering without hesitation.” – Barza on dyxum.com

“I found your whole approach to photography a refreshing change – back to what it really means and a lot more honest than much of the rubbish one hears. Just stimulating people to think is a great achievement for which I salute you.” – Michael Lofty

“Great class!  It was fun, I learned a lot, and I discovered the remote wireless flash.  Your up-beat attitude and extensive knowledge added to your natural ability to communicate the basics of good photography.  The class has increased my awareness of light, composition, and the limited ability of a camera to see a scene as compared to the human eye, which are bound to increase my enjoyment of photography.” – Jeff Miner