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I used the Minolta A1 during my six-month stay in China, and it is quite a performer.  Since then I’ve purchased its successor, the A2, and I like these cameras so much that I wrote a book about their use! 

This book provides a complete photo guide for what I believe are the best digital cameras in their class. “Konica Minolta A1/A2 – A Step by Step Illustrated E-book” explains each feature in plain English and provides a plethora of visual examples as well.  Version 2.0 of the book also includes coverage of the new A200 camera as well!

In this book you’ll learn:

• What every mode, knob, and button do – in plain, easy-to-understand text.

• The secrets to taking outstanding photos (like the kind you see on this site).

• All about Minolta’s Wireless Flash – a Minolta invention and still the best in the world.

 • The most common digital jargon and what it all means to you.

In this book I try to provide a sense of my “inner game” – I don’t just talk about f/stops and shutter speeds, but discuss much of what goes into making a “good” image truly great.  Elements of light, composition, and how to get natural-looking pictures of people while traveling the world are discussed.  This isn’t just an instruction manual – this is a full-fledged mini-course in photography!! 

The term “e-book” means the text is published electronically and viewable using Adobe Acrobat reader software (which runs on many types of computers, including PC, Mac, and Unix/Linux machines). 

Get the most out of your investment – learn about the wonders of digital photography and improve your photography at the same time!

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What others are saying about this e-book:

“Gary Friedman’s Konica Minolta A1, A2 Step-by-Step Guide is brilliant and I can’t recommend it more highly. The 242-page book includes just about everything any level photographer could want to know about the A1 or A2 Konica Minolta cameras. Well done Gary, keep ’em coming.”   – Peter Russell (click here for entire review) (opens new window)

Also read an interview article with me by Peter Russell (opens new window)

“Dear Gary: I am really enjoying your book, it is the best manual on anything I have ever read.  You should do the computer manuals, you are a born teacher and clearly you really know your subject.”                  – Ivan Tentchoff

“on writing style, i love it. Mr. Friedman’s style of writing is conversational. that is to say, it’s not the dry type of writing you’d typically find in a technical book.”  – A reader from

“Thank you so much for writing the wonderful ebook on the Minolta digital camera.  I absolutely needed a book about the camera written with tips and tricks to supplement the camera manual (listing by features).  Your book is extremely well-written.  Although I have only read about 10%, I’ve already used several tips after slapping my forehead.  “Oh, yeah.  Now it makes sense!” 

I never thought I’d find a 3rd-party manual.  Yours is a gem.”  – Duane Moore

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