The most popular postings, lessons, and observations taken from the Friedman Archives blog from 2007-2014

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Gary’s blog posts are known for being insightful, instructive, and just plain entertaining. But finding the best pieces by perusing the blog can be time consuming. For the first time, Gary has taken his most popular blog posts – as measured by the number of hits, volume of comments, and his own personal bias – and has compiled this well-organized read.

In this 288-page full-color book you’ll read all about:

  • My worst trip ever

  • The 5 Dollar Studio

  • On location with a scratched Zeiss lens

  • My time in Castro’s Cuba

  • My only image every to appear in National Geographic

  • Wedding photography horror stories

  • Why classic metering modes are now obsolete

  • Surprising truths about today’s .jpgs

  • Lots of examples of using flash for “Wow!” images

  • How to select your “keeper” images in record time!

  • My time in the Soviet Union

  • My brilliant idea for the camera of the future

  • …and much, much more!

(Volume 2 can be purchased here.  Or you can purchase a 4-book bundle for a special discounted price here.)