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The newsletters have been discontinued.  I'm now blogging here as of June 2010. But these pages have been kept intact because so many people have linked to them in the past.


April, 2010 (También en español!)
  • Where have I been?
  • RBL (Really Bad Light)
  • Your Camera as a Negative and Transparency Duplicator
  • A Wonderful Tool for Seeing Your Dust
  • A500 / A550 book now available in Spanish!
  • Seminar Updates
  • Fan page on Facebook
February, 2010 (También en español!)
  • Lumodi - A Different Breed of Flash Diffuser
  • How these Portraits were Made
  • The A500's metering has nothing to do with Face Detection
  • Seminars Update
  • The Camera of the Future


December, 2009    (También en español!)

  • Rebuttal to all those Lukewarm Sony A550 reviews
  • My First Video
  • Seminars


November, 2009    (También en español!)

  • Outdoor Lighting for Group Portraits
  • Replacing Faces
  • User Interface Design
  • Seminar Updates
  • A230, 330, 380 Firmware Updates Available

October, 2009    (También en español!)

  • How to Shoot a CEO
  • Another Benefit to High-Speed Sync
  • Seminar Updates
  • A Solution to the "Texting While Driving" Problem
  • New Ebook: A330 / A380; Update to the A900 / A850

September, 2009  (También en español!)

  • Postcard from Nova Scotia
  • New HVL-F20AM flash and a DIY IR filter switch

  • Follow-up on:

  •     Zeiss Lens

  •     15-year-old Floppy disk

  • Seminar updates

July, 2009     (También en español!)

  • Antelope Canyon Images
  • Keeping it Fresh
  • A Scratched Zeiss (!)
  • The most Important Camera Adjustment for Beginners.
  • Ebooks now available in Spanish!
  • Seminar Update

May, 2009  (También en español!)

  • How I Took This Shot
  • Fast Image Selection - Take Off Your Glasses
  • Echoes of Microsoft Bob
  • The Next Seminars: Nova Scotia, Nashville, and Manhattan
  • A Sincere Endorsement
  • A Bigger Problem than Bit Rot

April, 2009  (También en español!)

  • Pocket Wizards and Radio Poppers
  • The Importance of Fill-Flash
  • Next Seminars - Nashville and New York
  • A900 book finally out!
  • Chasing the Five 9's
  • Try an A900 on for size...

January, 2009  (También en español!)

  • Sony's new Wireless Flash Protocol
  • A Mime is a Terrible Thing to Waste
  • Friedman Archives Seminars
  • Mirror Lock-Up Returns
  • Final Factoid - AEL Button Tidbit

December, 2008

  • How I took This Shot
  • The Greatest Gift for Your Parents
  • New Expeditions and Seminars
  • Files Systems for New Hard Drives
  • Sigma 17-70 Lens
  • Coming Up Next
  • Final Factoid

November, 2008   (También en español!)

  • Saving Lenin and the Historic Value of Throw-away Shots
  • Advanced Topics 2 E-booklet Now Available!
  • Finding the Subject when Shooting Fall Foilage
  • You want a piece of me?  Matted and signed enlargements for sale
  • Seminars and Expedition Update

September, 2008   (También en español!)

  • Grandchild arrives / How these portraits were made

  • A900 ebook - What should be included?

  • A700 version 4 firmware

  • The Kindest of Pickpockets

  • Universal credit cards not so universal

  • Seminar & Expedition updates

August 2008  (También en español!)

  • Latvia Photo Expedition - Trip Report

  • Another Way to Use Dynamic Range Optimization

  • Review of Gary Fong's Lightsphere II Flash Diffuser

  • Tweak to A700 Remote Control Behavior

  • Rural China - The Next Photo Expedition

  • A client gets his 15 minutes of fame

  • New Canon XSi / 450D Book Out

  • Next Seminars - Boston and San Francisco

July 2008  (También en español!)

  • Published in National Geographic!

  • Finding the Right Light in Alaska

  • Can you get great shots on a family vacation?

  • Advanced Topics 2 – The Results

  • RAW Processing Update – part II

June 2008  (También en español!)

  • Gary Fong Flash Diffusers

  • Capture One 4 – Wow!

  • A350 Book is Finally Out

  • Advanced Topics 2 is in the works

  • New Video Footage added to the China Blog

  • Special Offer for Latvia Participants

  • Boston and Oregon Seminars

  • New Canon camera – you must see this!

March 2008  (También en español!)

  • Photo Expedition to Latvia July 13-20 2008
  • Photo Expedition to China (Yunnan Province) Spring 2009
  • 2 upcoming Seminars
  • Adventures with Sony's In-warranty Repair
  • Why we had to scale back on planned Expeditions (Hint: It's great news!).



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