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In Manitoba's Churchill region, global warming is taking its toll on the Polar Bear population.  Winter is coming late and ending early, and so the season for hunting ring seals on the ice is dramatically shortened.  A year ago at this time the tundra would have been white with ice and snow; but in 2007 the landscape was brown instead of snow white.  These images can be useful as editorial shots for global warming articles.

DSC08103 DSC08201
DSC08184 DSC08200 DSC08095
DSC08323_2 DSC00965 DSC08534
DSC08131 DSC00959 DSC08289
 DSC01074  DSC01104 DSC01196
 DSC08143  DSC08330 DSC08180
DSC01221 DSC01233 DSC01279
   DSC08045  DSC08136
 DSC08237 DSC08111 DSC08114
DSC01329   DSC08461 DSC08496
 DSC08121 DSC08325  DSC08225
DSC08332_2   DSC08530 DSC08082


 DSC01545  DSC08107 DSC08520 Polar Bear 1 300 dpi DSC01547
DSC01204 DSC08349 DSC07989 DSC08507
DSC08136_2 Polar Bear 2 300 dpi DSC01521 DSC08109 DSC08272
DSC01188 DSC08067 DSC02446 DSC01119
DSC08279 DSC02437 DSC08308 DSC02447

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