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Fabulous Las Vegas - sign 3x5 300 dpi (from CD) Zip line Freemont Ave DSC05227 LR5 DSC_0018 LR5
Las Vegas Lights I 8x12 300 dpi Other part of city at night 8x12 300 dpi Deep Fried Twinkies 8x10 300 dpi
Cirque - Mystere air gymnists 8x10 300 dpi Cirque - Mystere ending 8x10 300 dpi Golden Gate and Union Plaza 8x10 300 dpi
Las Vegas Blvd Signs 3x5 300 dpi FH000007 Las Vegas Lights II 8x12 300 dpi O show 1 (scanned print)
Las Vegas Strip at Night 8x12 300 dpi PICT0588  
Quest for Atlantis Promo O show 2 (scanned print)
DSC07982 LR5  DSC05286 LR5 
Vic 8x10 300 dpi DSC05313 LR6  DSC08165 LR5
  California Hotel at dusk 8x10 300 dpi PICT0662  


7R309333 LR5 Looking at light show 8x10 300 dpi Vic and ABC stores 8x10 300 dpi Vic over Pedestrian Mall 8x10 300 dpi
DSC05311 LR6 


Before Fremont Street became an enclosed "Fremont Experience" tourist pedestrian mall, it was a real street with real traffic and was the neon icon of Las Vegas.  Below are some classic shots from the archives taken circa 1980.

Freemont Street 4_001 Freemont Street 2 - Binion's Horseshoe_001 Freemont Street 5_001
Freemont Street 6_001 Fremont Street - Casino 1_001 Freemont Street 3 - Pioneer Club_001
Fremont Street from Slide 1_001   Freemont Street 1_001

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