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An Introduction to Sony's Wireless Flash

Video lecture given in Malaysia, March 2011

Many people have heard about wireless flash, but think that it's too expensive or too complicated or the results are not worth the modest effort.  For these folks, Gary Friedman has created a very non-intimidating Wireless Flash Introduction, which was presented in Malaysia in March 2011. 

In the video I create this dramatic 2-flash portrait in real time - letting you see the process I go through to create the shot in less than 10 minutes!

Behind the Scenes - how this shot was made

 In the course of this 50-minute video, you'll also learn:

Go from this... to this!

Think just having a powerful flash means great looking images?  Have a look at the portraits above, both of which were taken with the same Sony 58 flash.  The left image was taken with the flash mounted on the camera and pointing straight ahead (yuk!).  Moving the flash off-camera and using a simple diffuser, you can get the significantly more pleasing image on the right! 

Note that this was produced using only ONE FLASH.  So if you have an accessory flash you already have what you need to do this!


Click below to see a brief excerpt of the video:

This introductory video can be streamed on any of your electronic devices.  Click here to order the downloadable video.


 Money-Back Guarantee

Buy the instantly-downloadable video file and plow through it for two weeks.  If you don't think it provides a very clear introduction, if you didn't end up learning anything new, or it is not the single best value in terms of dollars-per-knowledge ratio, just send Gary and email and he'll personally refund your purchase price.  How can you lose? 

Gary's ebooks have introduced thousands of people to the joys of photography in a very intuitive way, and they have been universally praised for being the best out there for the Sony cameras, which makes this an easy offer to make.  (This offer does NOT apply to the DVD that's mailed to your door, for obvious reasons.) 

Self-Portrait taken in front of Petronas Towers
Bring your own dramatic light with you when you travel!  (Note: I'm holding the wireless flash in my right hand.)

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Click here to order the downloadable video - only $9.95 as a 300 MB .mp4 file, streamable on Macs, PCs, and iPads.

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