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  DSC07815  DSC09128
Owen Portrait DSC08727 LR3 Nicole Silhouette DSC09091 DSC04487 DSC00202
Olivia Portrait Hair Light DSC00536 Mark Stewart Pocket Sax clouds 2 DSC07041 Brandon holding Lumodi Beauty Dish DSC08227 DSC08072 LR5
DSC05298 LR6 7R309060 LR5 DSC04163 DSC00952 LR3
The Sound Guy DSC00104 DSC02064 At an angle DSC04554 DSC00546 LR3 color corrected
DSC00269 Drop Sensor DSC08384 DSC00011 Gary Wedding Photographer Hard Hat Flash 2 72 dpi DSC06005-2
Greg Comeaux Book cover 8x12 300 dpi DR Margaret Portrait Green Coat DSC09888 DSC07713
Figure 6d George Friedman Dad with puppy PICT0020 tweaked
Joel w 85mm lens (sharpened) 8x12 300 dpi Michael the Healer Steve Luchsinger British Portrait DSC09794-Edit Rashmi Self Magazine cover
Mikah Green Shirt Red Stool portrait lighting DSC00140 Rashmi against concrete wall
Steve Luchsinger Foot at camera DSC00921 DSC01971 LR3 David headshot portrait 2 wireless flashes DSC04872 LR3 DSC09979 LR3
  Melissa in Street 7R309118 LR5 A9900441  


DSC09477 LR3 DSC00932 LR3 DSC09538
Viva Wittman Hurt 1 (Horizontal) DSC07857 Wendy the Welder DSC09888 LR3-2 DSC07877 LR5 LR5
DSC04096 Straightened DSC08542 tweaked Nicole pregnant drinking from straw DSC09152
Olivia playing violin 2 DSC08355 Louisa playing Cello DSC09147 Mikah and Isaac DSC06810 cropped
Portrait of Herman Siemens DSC02770 DSC04296 DSC01012 LR3
spy,night,city,bridge,evening,trenchcoat,spy,spying,cigarette,wireless flash, green screen,softbox,
Piano Master sRGB DSC08963 Van Christou Portrait with dogs DSC09228
DSC01060 Angry and Pointing (my differential equations professor) Horizontal DSC02859
Louisa Screaming DSC07601 Lena and Daughter 8x10 300 dpi PICT0023
Me and E2 Shadow 8x10 300 dpi Me & Shoe Phone 8x12 300 dpi (brighter) Sandy w Stratocaster 8x12 300 dpi
Actor - Two lighting styles DSC08985 Ed Portrait (no sharpening) - 8x9 300 dpi 3 Girls 8x10 300 dpi
Eyes DSC08499 Steve Luchsinger Flying in Clouds DSC09934 Danny Brodsley Piano Portrait 2 DSC09116
Gary with Umbrella 2 DSC00033 DSC00101 LR5
  Harry Hermione and Ron and Olivia 2  


Skipper Alan Hale 4x6 600 dpi Chief Iron Eyes Cody_1 Jack and Son upside down 7x10 300 dpi
Surgeon Portrait 8x12 300 dpi An Engineer 8x12 300 dpi IMG250
Bubby blue portrait 7x10 300 dpi Bubby B and W Portrait_001 PICT0131 Caring
  Bubby Portrait 4x6 300 dpi If your Light Sucks portrait cropped DSC08279 887240_316285808497237_1795409443_o

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