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New Zealand

For more about this trip, see my aritcle I wrote for f2 Cameracraft magazine

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DSC00744 LR6 DSC01835 LR6 DSC02027 LR6
DSC01852 LR6 DSC01547 LR6 DSC00963 LR6
DSC02401 LR6 DSC02545 LR6 DSC02695 LR6
DSC00059 LR6 DSC03054 LR6 DSC01769 LR6
DSC02943 LR6 DSC02150 LR6 DSC03265 LR6
DSC00367 LR6 DSC02519 LR6 DSC02696 LR6
DSC02319 LR6 DSC00460 LR6 DSC00364 LR6
DSC02176 LR6 DSC02263 LR6 DSC02756 LR6
DSC03022 LR6 DSC02995 LR6 DSC01150 LR6
DSC01501 LR6 DSC00038 LR6 DSC01298 LR6
DSC00928 LR6 DSC01627 LR6 DSC01577 LR6
DSC01529 LR6 DSC03302 LR6 DSC02394 LR6
DSC02651 LR6 DSC00066 LR6 DSC00549 LR6
DSC00459 LR6 DSC00670 LR6 DSC02188 LR6
DSC00373 LR6 DSC03718 LR6 DSC00250 LR6
DSC02640 LR6 DSC00827 LR6 DSC02427 LR6


DSC02064 LR6 DSC01020 LR6 DSC01330 LR6 DSC01130 LR6
DSC02088 LR6 DSC00694 LR6 DSC03290 LR6 DSC03009 LR6
DSC02711 LR6 DSC02315 LR6 DSC01492 LR6 DSC02549 LR6
DSC02163 LR6 DSC02130 LR6 DSC02003 LR6 DSC02205 LR6
DSC01711 LR6 DSC01777 LR6 DSC02395 LR6 DSC01950 LR6
  DSC02264 LR6 DSC01287 LR6  


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