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Knight Inlet

Knight Inlet Lodge in Glendale Cove, British Columbia, is an eco-tourist location that provides extraordinary bear viewing experiences.  For some insights on overcoming the challenges of shooting wild animals in the worst light ever, see my blog post from 2013.

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DSC08828 LR3 DSC08788 LR3 DSC07763 LR3
DSC06406 LR3 DSC08802 LR3 DSC08787 LR3
DSC09199 LR3
DSC07729 LR3 DSC06443 LR3 DSC07907 LR3
DSC08622 LR3   DSC08743 LR3


DSC06480 LR3 Bear eating fish vertical DSC08526 LR3 Bear in water in rain DSC07685 LR3 DSC07467 LR3
DSC08165 LR3 DSC07830 LR3 DSC06390 LR3 DSC07843 LR3
DSC07988 LR3 DSC07888 LR3 DSC07030 LR3
DSC08910 from RAW LR3 DSC07665 LR3 DSC07675 LR3
DSC07533 LR3 DSC08402 LR3 DSC08108 LR3
DSC07777 LR3 DSC07860 LR3 Bears playing in water DSC08402 LR3
  DSC08484 LR3  


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