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Iceberg Alley

"Iceberg Alley" is the parade of icebergs which float down from their origins in Greenland along the East Coast of North America until they melt somewhere when they hit Maine.  These images were taken in Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada.

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DSC00021 from RAW DSC02217 LR6 DSC03198 LR6 DSC01930 LR6
DSC01701 LR6 DSC02038 LR6 DSC01736 LR6 Iceberg 1 DSC09960
DSC03277 LR6 DSC01662 LR6 DSC09471 LR5 DSC03372 LR6
  DSC02865 LR6    
DSC00152 from RAW DSC00116 from RAW Iceberg 2 DSC01616 LR6
DSC00099 from RAW DSC09993 from RAW DSC00139 from RAW
DSC02012 LR6 Dock Sunset DSC03229 LR6 DSC03021 LR6
DSC09518 LR5 DSC09501 LR5 DSC02866 LR6
DSC03321 LR6 DSC01922 LR6 DSC01721 LR6
DSC01774 LR6 DSC01628 LR6 DSC02252 LR6
DSC01496 LR6 DSC02211 LR6 DSC01458 LR6
DSC01418 LR6 Mummering DSC03377 LR6


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