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First Flight - Publicity Stills



That's right; I shoot movie stills also!  Below are 3 pages of samples; shot for a pilot called "First Flight" starring Joe Mantegna.  You can see the video here.


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0271880-R3-033-15 0271680-R3-033-15 0271980-R3-011-4 0271680-R4-029-13
0271680-R3-025-11 0271980-R2-045-21 0271880-R3-031-14
0271880-R3-035-16 0271680-R3-011-4 0272090-R3-031-14
0271680-R1-036-16A 0271980-R4-011-4 0272190-R2-035-16
0271680-R3-043-20 0271880-R3-043-20 0271980-R2-011-4
0271980-R1-041-19 0272190-R5-015-6 0271780-R5-043-20
0272190-R5-051-24 0271880-R3-047-22 0272190-R5-041-19
0271780-R4-041-19 0272190-R5-047-22 0272190-R1-047-22


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