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Cuba and the Caribbean


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Street 3 300 dpi PICT3756 Strong Cuban Woman (red porch) 300 dpi PICT4136 Viva la Revolution 300 dpi PICT9094
AC and Carlos 300 dpi PICT3519 Group of kids 3 300 dpi PICT3981 Blue house and green fields 300 dpi PICT4015
Evi in hammock 300 dpiPICT3107 Cowboy waving Goodbye 300 dpi PICT4041 3 goats 300 dpi PICT4189
Viva EL28 300 dpi PICT9122 Street 1 300 dpi PICT3769 Family 1 300 dpi PICT4121
2 women a husband pigs and a white thatched house 300 dpi PICT4207 Domino game 300 dpi PICT3816 3 old cars 300 dpi PICT4708
2nd Family green house far away 300 dpi PICT3960 Evi and Nancy 300 dpi PICT4622 Mother with pink shirt 300 dpi PICT3979
Cuban car 1 300 dpiPICT3144 Man on Horseback 2 300 dpi PICT3698 Group of kids 1 300 dpi PICT3970
Artwork on building 300 dpi PICT4676 Someone elses Backyard 300 dpi PICT3713 Jaime la Pintor 300 dpi PICT4649
Cactus Fence 2 300 dpi PICT4139 Fixing engine in boat 300 dpi DSC03281 4 family members 300 dpi PICT3357
Group of kids 2 300 dpi PICT3973 White car horizental posterized 300 dpi PICT4632 Horse Cart 1 300 dpi PICT4174
Horse Cart and House 300 dpi PICT3584 Truck traffic jam 300 dpi PICT4234 Scenic 3 (best one) 300 dpi PICT4230
  Bikini on Tree 2 300 dpi PICT3256  


Life aboard a cruise ship

PICT8386 PICT8705 PICT8752
PICT8735 PICT8737 PICT8734
DSC02999 PICT8273 PICT8436
PICT8741 PICT8731 PICT8720
DSC02917 DSC02855 Cruise Ship 300 dpi PICT8761

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