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Little Penguin Close-Up at Night


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There's a long story behind this one.  After the 3rd seminar in Melbourne, we had just one day leftover.  My wife and I decided to head over to Philip Island specifically to see the blue “little penguins” (that's actually the technical name!) in a wildlife sanctuary.   At sunset they all come out of the ocean and head over to their boroughs after mating season.  After paying all sorts of money to participate, and even paying extra to get a front-row seat for the “Penguin Parade” across the beach, we were told at the last minute that photos were not allowed.  “The flash bothers the animals” was the official reason.  “So why not just ban flash photography?”  “Because the [certain stereotyped Asian ethnicity deleted] will just ignore the rules and shoot anyway.  It’s easier to just ban photography altogether.”  Oh, so many holes in that logic!  It’s times like these it pays to just let go of the outcome (and the associated anger and cost) and just enjoy the moment.  I snuck in a couple of shots but the light was so low that they’re not really licensable.  This was done on the Sony A7R II at ISO 64,000!

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