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For more about this trip, see my aritcle I wrote for f2 Cameracraft magazine

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Sydney Opera House dusk Wide DSC05242 LR5 DSC06227 LR5 Kangaroo Crossing DSC05637 LR5
DSC07332 LR5 DSC05249 LR5 DSC05291 LR5
DSC07560 LR5 DSC05318 LR5 DSC06855 LR5
Snorkelling with Wally A (215) DSC00657 LR6 DSC03723 LR6
DSC06740 LR5 DSC05580 LR5 DSC05403 LR5
DSC03838 DSC00926 LR5 DSC03772 LR6
DSC04751 LR5 DSC05676 LR5 Sydney Opera House dusk CU DSC05237 LR5
DSC05431 LR5 DSC04864 LR5 Life of a diver photographer DSC00920 LR5
DSC04974 LR5 DSC00447 DSC05735
DSC05738 DSC05999 DSC05776
DSC01039 DSC01278 LR5 Piano in a grocery store Adelaide 20151117_110823 LR5
DSC06549 LR5 DSC03871 LR5 DSC07100 LR5
DSC06543 DSC07406 LR5 DSC07624 LR5
DSC06707 LR5 Great Barrier Reef Photoshopped DSC00882 DSC00774 LR6


DSC05390 LR5 DSC05007 LR5 DSC05685 LR5 DSC06729 LR5
DSC05373 LR5 DSC03775 LR6 DSC06491 DSC07044 LR5
DSC01043 DSC04222 LR5 DSC07260 LR5 DSC07439 LR5
DSC07151 LR5 DSC07145 LR5 DSC07185 LR5 DSC07696 LR5
DSC04090 LR5 DSC04981 LR5 DSC01240 LR5 DSC05162 LR5
  DSC04186 LR5 DSC06594 LR5  


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